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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Robsten ! Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart

 They're a hot couple ! I love you Robsten !

 I hope this is real ! They can married and have a babies like Breaking Dawn :') Make it real robstew !

 Rob you so fucking damn handsome !! Who's agree with me robsessed? ;;)
 FOR Y ALL PAPPS !! Kristen hates you somuch.. I remember when kristen says to papparazi. Papparazi : Why you hates us? / And Kristen says : "Cause y all are pieces of shit !"

 Edbell Kiss in Breaking Dawn part 1 ! I miss it twihards ;'(

Eye to eye.. :') I love you Twilight Saga ! I love you more to Twicast !
 Still remember this scene ? Second Honeymoon? ;;) aww

Any love in  biology lesson :3 sweet !!
 Say hi to me robsten !!!!
 They need some privacy papps -_- go away from my robsten !! Anyway, look the glasses? Same !
 Laughing in front of public ! I love this

<-- giggle..="" hahaha="" span="">

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